Read Tom Salmon’s letter to Peter Welch

State Auditor Tom Salmon sent a last-minute letter to U.S. Rep. Peter Welch on Sunday urging him not to vote for the health care bill. Read it below.

Download Welch Letter

– Dan Barlow

2 Responses to Read Tom Salmon’s letter to Peter Welch

  1. Michael in Vermont

    “I was once a California uninsured preparing to pay cash for the birth of our son. $1600 to the Chinese born doctor and $1000 to Children’s hospital.”
    Ah, yes, Tom. Now that you are a member of the Party of Hate, you need to throw a bit of bigotry into your letter.

  2. Marc Farnum Rendino

    Salmon’s letter – on official STATE OF VERMONT, OFFICE OF THE STATE AUDITOR stationery – is completely inappropriate and he should be impeached for gross misconduct immediately.
    If he is the “stand up” person he says he is, he will realize how big a mistake he has made, and resign.
    It’s very sad that his recent actions have become such a stark contrast to the good the Salmon family has done for Vermont.