Reformer’s Sabina Haskell joins the Douglas administration

Brattleboro Reformer editor Sabina Haskell is the new communications director of the Agency of Natural Resources. She replaces another former Vermont news person who jumped from the papers to politics, Darren Allen.

Everyone in news in Vermont knows Haskell. I worked with her a bit when she briefly joined the Herald back in 2004 and then competed against her team of reporters down in Windham County for the next two years after she left for the Reformer. And prior to all that, she spent some time over at the Bennington Banner.

Familiarity with the state’s news media seems to be one of the things the Douglas people liked. Here’s what Agency Secretary George Crombie had to say in the official press release today:

"Sabina’s experience in the Vermont press corps and the information reporters need will help us better do our jobs."

I remember Haskell as a tough, but fair, editor at the Herald. She certainly pushed me a few times to dig deeper on stories, for which I was thankful for. I heard similar stories from her reporters in the years that followed at the Reformer. It will be interesting to see how that translates to the new job.

Congratulations, Sabina! Does this mean you’re moving to Montpelier too?

-Dan Barlow

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  1. this is the only way to solve these kind of administrative problems so keep going, and never give up.