Salmon: I have faith in God

Republican State Auditor Tom Salmon has made his first public statements since Democrat Doug Hoffer won the primary Tuesday. This will be the first year that Salmon runs as a Republican after switching parties.

Here's what Salmon had to say on his Facebook page:

Thanks all supporters. I will be postive, professional and strategic. I Will be checking in with you as we work through the weeks. Lets make this Week 1 of 10. My week 1 report is that I plan to share with you the things on the campaign for State Auditor. Already I am being investigated by my opponent who thinks he can find fault with my employee expense reports. Problem for him is that he's not the first or second or third person to request such information. Sorry Charlie, I have not even put in an expense reimbursement request since becoming a Republican!…Psych! I will keep you posted on how my opponent is going to negatively try and tear me down. Politics is a contact sport but I have faith in God.

I'm not sure who this "Charlie" is that Salmon is talking about – his Democratic general election opponent's first name is Doug.

Here's some responses from Salmon's Facebook fans:

If it wasn't for GOD, the very foundation that our fore fathers set forth for our country, we wouldn't be having the freedom and constitution that we all so much enjoy! Try freedom of speech in the far East and see what happens! Tom," Always, Always put GOD first!


Thomas, Keep up the "God thing" and you'll have many, many votes here. We only want good, moral Christians in leadership just as our forefathers intended. Thank you for having such integrity — it hasn't and will not go unnoticed.


looking forward to supporting you down here in Indian country Tom!!

UPDATE: Salmon also has a lengthy post on his reelection website (he's launched a section called "Hofferville") that accuses Hoffer of being "self-righteous and nasty" and raising questions about why he didn't serve in the Vietnam War.

Salmon wrote:

He's spent two decades dishing it out from behind a computer screen…let's see if he can take it.

Wow, it's going to be a fun race.

– Dan Barlow

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  1. Cole Moore Odell

    New campaign mascot for somebody?