Salmon to Vermonters: Don’t drink and drive

Take it from Tom Salmon: it's just not worth it.

That’s the message behind a public-service announcement slated to run during the holiday season and beyond, according to a recent e-mail correspondence from the three-term Republican auditor.

Salmon, busted for DUI in Montpelier last December, recently cut a 30-second spot he hopes will “increase awareness” and “safety” among Vermont motorists.

The spot opens with Salmon on the side of the road holding a sign reading, “You can’t afford it.”

A voiceover asks, “Who are you accountable to?”

Salmon then proceeds with his own narrative:  “I am State Auditor Tom Salmon asking you to help prevent DUI in Vermont. Plan ahead, get a designated driver, or stay off the road. Vermont has had a difficult year, and DUI is painful for all. Don’t risk it… You’ll get nailed. Take it from me: It’s a long road back.”

According to Salmon’s description of the PSA – he announced it to his office staffers earlier this week – he then “turns and walks down the desolate road.”

The spot closes with the tagline, “Be accountable.”

— Peter Hirschfeld

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  1. Good for Tom!