Sen. Leahy goes for the big fish

Summer is supposed to be the slow time in news, especially for us here in Montpelier. But not this week.

This afternoon, Sen. Patrick Leahy’s Senate Judiciary Committee did something that is going to make Democrats and other Vermont liberals lick their lips. He subpoenaed Karl Rove, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff and the man they call "Bush’s brain."

The subpoena is part of the committee’s prob into the firings of a slew of U.S. attorneys last year for alleged political purposes, an act that has been linked to Rove’s political operation within the White House.

"The Bush-Cheney White House continues to place great strains on our constitutional system of checks and balances," Leahy said in a statement.  "Not since the darkest days of the Nixon Administration have we seen efforts to corrupt federal law enforcement for partisan political gain and such efforts to avoid accountability."

The full statement and copies of the actual subpoenas can be found here at Leahy’s Web site.

-Dan Barlow 

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