Senate candidate worries Vt. becoming an ‘Indian reservation’

MONTPELIER — A 48-year-old Ripton resident told the Vermont Press Bureau on Tuesday he’s running for the Vermont Senate this year in Addison County and will be specifically targeting Sen. Claire Ayer’s seat.

Robert Wagner, who said he’s a business consultant for the IT company Oracle, hasn’t filed his paperwork yet, but has a campaign website up at site gives a glimpse at the Independent candidate’s libertarian views and is worth checking out.

Wagner said he has never held elected office but was inspired to run by Vermont’s financial mess and concerns the state is becoming an “Indian reservation.”

“I have children here and I want it to continue to be a good place for them to live, but I see it turning into an Indian reservation,” said Wagner. “Indian people should be rich, but they’re living on handouts. The same holds true for Vermont governance in that we’re given federal handouts in place of opportunities.”

If the state taxed its natural resources, said Wagner, it could avoid reliance on the federal government.

Ayer has entered his crosshairs because of a couple positions she has taken, said Wagner, including her support for a measure pending in the Senate that would pressure more parents to immunize their kids.

“I’m specifically opposing Claire Ayer,” said Wagner. “She has used her position onĀ  the Health and Welfare Committee to go after parents who aren’t vaccinating their children on behalf of big pharma while refusing to go after Entergy for fines and damages for Entergy’s pollution of our groundwater.”

Ayer said Wagner ran against her in the last election cycle.

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