Senate committee adds childcare union measure to fee bill

In our latest installment of follow the childcare union bill, the Senate Finance Committee voted 5-2 today to add language to the fee bill that would allow childcare workers to form a union and collectively bargain with the state for higher subsidies.

The committee’s vote, sparked by an amendment from Sen. Dick McCormack, is the latest effort to move the controversial bill to the Senate floor amid strong opposition from leadership in the Senate.

Is the fee bill the answer? We’ll have to wait and see.

4 Responses to Senate committee adds childcare union measure to fee bill

  1. I’d like to thank all the senators who are unwavering in their support of this important piece of legislation despite opposition from a few who are in positions of leadership in the Senate. This legislation does not create a union or force anyone to join one, it simply gives early educators the right to chose by democratic process to build a union. Collective bargaining with the state would allow childcare providers to have a voice at the table and to more effectively advocate for families who rely on subsidy to cover the cost of daycare. Passage of this bill is a strong move toward improving children’s early development and building the state economy by supporting working parents.
    Nan Reid
    Early Educator, Burlington

  2. A vote yes for early educators collective  bargaining rights is a vote yes for respect – respect for our profession and our rights.

  3. My name is Judy Pransky.  I have been an Early Educator for 44 years and a Child Care  Center owner and Director for 28.  I want to express my deep appreciation to lawmakers who have heard the concerns of Early Educators and providers across the state as well as to those legislators who have been listening for years.  
    The time has come to recognize the critical value of the knowledge and expertise that the women and men who devote their hearts and minds to the education of young children in childcare settings across Vermont bring to this discourse by granting them theright to form their union.
    By hearing the voices of these people…by granting them the right to organize to protect the interests of the children and parents that they serve as well as the future of their industry, you take a giant step forward in establishing the right balance for educating young children in our state.  We need to operate from a perspective which elevates the education of young children to its proper place.  We are the foundation and if their is to be strength throughout the system, the foundation must be solid and strong.
    Throughout this journey I have experienced the growing respect for EarlyEducators in child care settings.  Our Union effort has brought us together across the state to share our concerns about quality, accessibility and affordability for the children and families that we serve.  We have achieved recognition as our concerns are being heard withnew respect from DHS and CDD leaders who have testified on our behalf and in support of Vermont Early Educators United organizing to form our union and take a real seat at the table.

  4. I am a child care provider in Bradford and a member of Vermont Early Educators United organizing committee. I would like to thank all the Senators, who have have been supportive of our legislation to collectively bargain. They have fighting everyday on behalf of early educators across the state to achieve a basic human right – to organize and form a union.

    It is unfair the way the Senate leadership has circumnavigated the principles of democracy to prevent our bill from being heard. Bringing this issue forward as an amendment is the only way early educators will win the right to collectively bargain, and a voice in the decisions that affect us and our profession. Doing what is right ought to trump parliamentary procedure.
    I want a union because I want to have a legally binding partnership in the decision making process. I am on the frontline everyday and know how decisions at the CDD directly impact the children and families I serve. 

    Our amendment does not force anyone to be in a union– merely gives us the choice to decide for ourselves if we want to form one. Our amendment also does not take away legislators ability to decide public policy– it gives early educators the right to sit down with the CDD and, together, figure out what is in the best interests of our profession.

    A vote YES for collective bargaining is a vote for respect.  Respect for the profession and for a basic human right, the right to organize.