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Trailing Bernie: Sanders down big in upcoming states

en. Bernie Sanders is trailing Democratic presidential primary rival Hillary Clinton by double-digits in 10 of the 12 states to hold nominating contests between March 1 and March 8. Public Policy Polling released polling data Wednesday showing that Sanders, the Vermont senator, is ahead of the former secretary of state, New York senator and first lady in Vermont and Massachusetts. In Vermont, Sanders leads by a whopping 76 percentage points — 86 percent to 10 percent — over Clinton. But Clinton has the upper hand in the upcoming southern states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia. Continue Reading →

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Sanders sees slight gain after Iowa review, Clinton still wins

MONTPELIER — An audit of the Iowa caucuses results has helped Sen. Bernie Sanders edge closer to Hillary Clinton, but she remains the victor, according to the Iowa Democratic Party. The party issued a statement Sunday saying it conducted a review over the past week “to ensure the accuracy of results.” Sanders’ campaign had raised questions about the accuracy of results in a handful of the 1,681 precincts. The party said it worked with the campaigns on the review. A total of 14 precincts were reviewed “on a case-by-case basis,” the party said, by reaching out to the precinct and county chairs “for a full accounting of the results.” Nine of the 14 precinct results were confirmed, but in five precincts reporting errors were found. After the review, the results showed Clinton won the caucuses by securing 49.84 percent of the state delegates. Continue Reading →

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Sanders declares a “virtual tie,” but supporters see a victory

DES MOINES, Iowa — Sen. Bernie Sanders declared the Democratic Iowa Caucuses a “virtual tie” Monday night against rival Hillary Clinton, content to take his campaign on to New Hampshire where he holds a commanding lead in the latest polls. “Tonight, while the results are still not known, it looks like we are in a virtual tie,” Sanders said, after taking the stage at his Iowa caucuses watch party. “It looks like we’ll have about half of the Iowa delegates.”

“What Iowa has done tonight is begin a political revolution,” he added, the crowding roaring its approval. Clinton, meanwhile, took the stage at her event before Sanders and told supporters she was “breathing a big sigh of relief.” She stopped short of declaring victory, but her aides spent time telling the major news networks that they considered her the winner. “What Iowa has done tonight is begin a political revolution.”
— Sen. Bernie SandersWith 99 percent of precincts reporting as of 1:45 a.m. early Tuesday morning, Clinton, the former secretary of state, New York senator and first lady, had secured 49.9 percent of the state delegates up for grabs compared to the 49.6 percent won by Sanders. Continue Reading →

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Story & Video: Sanders delivers pep talk to volunteers ahead of caucuses

DES MOINES, Iowa — Bernie Sanders held an unscheduled pep rally for volunteers at his Des Moines headquarters Monday afternoon, seeking to boost the spirits of volunteers working to get voters to their caucus. The Vermont senator laid out the possible outcome Monday night in simple terms.

“We’ve got a time ballgame. That’s where we are. What every poll tells us and what every political pundit understands is the following, we will win tonight if the voter turnout is high. We will struggle tonight if the voter turnout is low. Continue Reading →

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Sanders hands fate in Iowa over to voters

DES MOINES, Iowa — Bernie Sanders handed over the fate of his presidential campaign in Iowa to voters Sunday night after one final rally for 1,700 supporters less than 24 hours before the caucuses begin Monday night. Sanders sought to rally his backers on the eve of the caucuses at a packed gymnasium on the campus of Grand View University. The Vermont senator was retrospective, recounting the campaign’s early days eight months ago when it had no money, no organization and far fewer supporters. He thanked his team on the ground for helping to propel the campaign into a neck-and-neck race with primary rival Hillary Clinton. “Today as we prepare for the caucus tomorrow night, we have 15,000 volunteers throughout the state of Iowa and I want to thank them all,” Sanders said. Continue Reading →

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Sanders takes in $20 million in January

DES MOINES, Iowa — The Sanders campaign announced Sunday, one day before the Iowa caucuses, that it raised $20 million in January with an average contribution of just $27. The large fundraising haul came from about 770,000 individual contributions, the campaign said, bringing his total individual contributions to 3.25 million for the campaign. That number is a record for any White House hopeful at this stage of the campaign. Even Better news for the Vermont senator is that 99.9 percent of its donors have not yet reached the contribution limits. The campaign noted Sunday that rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign has relied heavily on donors who have maxed out and can no longer donate. Continue Reading →

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Sanders, Clinton gear up for final hours before the Iowa Caucus

DES MOINES, Iowa — Eight months after launching his campaign on the shore of Lake Champlain, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is hoping to complete his remarkable rise in national politics with a victory of Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in Monday’s Iowa caucus. Sanders, at age 74 and a self-described democratic socialist, is the improbable challenger to Clinton, the former secretary of state, New York senator and first lady, whom pundits had believed would quickly lock up the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. But Sanders incessant focus on income inequality and the wage gap dividing a handful of super-wealthy Americans from the rest of the country has caught on. He has weathered — so far — Clinton’s blistering attacks on his lack of foreign policy experience, his vote to provide blanket immunity to gun makers and his promise of free college tuition and single-payer health care. On the eve of Monday’s caucus, Clinton is preparing to increase the intensity of her full-frontal assault.

Clinton was scheduled to appear in Ames on Saturday with former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was seriously injured five years ago in a shooting in Tucson, Arizona. Continue Reading →

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Sanders reverses position on gun liability

MONTPELIER — Sen. Bernie Sanders plans to co-sponsor legislation in the Senate that would remove blanket immunity for gun makers, a reversal from Sanders’ original vote in Congress that his Democratic presidential primary rival Hillary Clinton has used against him. Sanders, who is running neck-and-neck with Clinton in Iowa and leading her in New Hampshire, voted for a law in 2005 that shields gun manufacturers from liability in gun deaths. Sens. Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., and Chris Murphy, D-Conn., introduced legislation this week to repeal that blanket immunity and allow shooting victims to sue. Sanders’ Senate office confirmed Thursday that he will co-sponsor the bill. Continue Reading →

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Doctor: Sanders is in good health

en. Bernie Sanders is in general good health, according to Congress’s attending physician, who has served as his doctor for the last 26 years. Sanders’ health is perhaps more important than any other presidential candidate this cycle. At 74, he is the oldest candidate in both the Democratic and Republican fields. He would be the oldest president ever elected. Continue Reading →

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Trailing Bernie: Sanders shakes off Register’s endorsement of Clinton

en. Bernie Sanders downplayed the endorsement of rival Hillary Clinton by the Des Moines Register on Sunday as just another establishment choice. The paper announced its primary endorsements on Saturday, selecting Clinton for the Democrats and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio for the Republicans. While the Register tapped Clinton, it also noted she is “not a perfect candidate.” But the paper’s editorial board, noting the presidency “is not an entry-level position,” said it favored Clinton’s experience in domestic as well as foreign issues. “Clinton has demonstrated that she is a thoughtful, hardworking public servant who has earned the respect of leaders at home and abroad. Continue Reading →

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