Shumlin endorses impeachment resolution

Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin, D-Windham, said Tuesday that if the resolution calling for President Bush’s impeachment was in his chambers that it would move faster than the current bill languishing in the House.

Shumlin said he has long been a supporter of beginning impeachment proceedings against Bush, whom he said misled the United States into war.


“It’s no secret,” he said. “I’ve always been in favor of this.”


He added that if the measure did pass the Vermont House, where it has been tied up since its introduction with a committee that apparently does not support the legislation, it would immediately be brought up in the Senate for hearings.


Earlier this month, about 39 Vermont communities voted to impeach Bush and Vice President Cheney during town meeting. Nearly as many towns also called for an end to the Iraq war.


House Speaker Gaye Symington, D-Jericho, has said she shares the concerns that many Vermonters have about the Bush administration, but believes the legislature has little time to take up national issues.

-Dan Barlow

4 Responses to Shumlin endorses impeachment resolution

  1. When will Mr. Shumlin realize that there are a myrid of local issues that need to be addressed before embarking on a tilting at windmills attempt to impeach. He should be concentrating his efforts on controlling the ever increasing tax burden on middle class Vermonters, halting the exodus of young people from the state, and attempting to attract viable well paying jobs to the state, just to name some of the issues that residents are dealing with. Perhaps the new Democrat/Progressive majority is forgetting that we elected them, and we can replace them in the next cycle with representatives that will listen to the people and not the siren call of fame.

  2. this is a quote from a ‘letter to the editor’ by Liza Earle on 3/27/ makes a lot of sense.
    “when the foundation of your house is crumbling you deal with that before redoing the kitchen”.

  3. John Killary

    We are all Americans….our loyaltys however are not always American in nature or intent. By just impeaching the President are we realy do anything more then being vendictive and therefore on the same level as he and his cohorts? Last I knew they were in this together and what’s even worse WE THE PEOPLE put them back there. If people are going to go after this Administration it should be done as a team effort against a team , US against the President and the Vice President , simultaneously. Come on lets waste more money that our Children, their Children and their Grandchildren will have to pay for….why, cause we were too blind to see what BIG BUISNESS was doing right in front of our eyes??!!I’m very indepentent when it comes to polotics, but I realize that the only way to accomplish the reunification of this Great Nation is by Actions(peaceful)and not simply by venting, “let’s impeach Bush”….hey now that would be fabulous then we’d have Cheney as President….in just exactly what kind of insanity do we want to participate?? A guy named George once told a fellow compatriot named Benedict that it was and should be an honor to serve this Nation in any capacity, you know Washington and Arnold….right now we need to find another in the mold of Gerry Ford to fix this mess….why don’t we start looking through the candidates and see if anyone of them has that kind of metal !!

  4. I posted the above comment in March ’07 in response to an article in the Rutland Hearald. Have we found a man of such “metal”?