Shumlin campaign freshens up website

Peter Shumlin last week had to take a short break from the nonstop work of governing to let Vermonters know he’s going to run for reelection. He told us not to confuse the announcement with the beginning of an actual campaign. No time for campaigns, he said. Too many jobs to create. 

But just today, we noticed the first new activity on Shumlin’s campaign website in more than a year. On the front page of the site, you’ll find three new links, and couple shots of Shumlin, including one of him surveying Irene wreckage from the cabin of a military helicopter. The pic links to a VTDigger story headlined “Shumlin’s Record: The new governor managed the Tropical Storm Irene crisis with aplomb.”


Another link takes you to Shumlin’s anti-bullying op-ed in the Huffington Post last week. The last story links to the Burlington Free Press’ account of his reelection announcement.

To reiterate though, there is no campaign. Too many economies to develop.

Maybe around Labor Day.

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