Shumlin: This is Vermont, not China

Senate President Pro Tem Peter Shumlin sent out a press release today criticizing Entergy's new censorship policy for videos and photos taken at Vermont Yankee.

Shumlin, a Democrat running for governor, said the rules remind him of China (where the government controls the media) as opposed to Vermont values.

Here's what he said:

These new tactics disguised as ‘guidelines’ more resemble actions of governments like The Republic of China. Entergy Louisiana’s actions make it impossible to believe them when they say, they are committed to being more open and transparent. This is not the Vermont way!

– Dan Barlow

One Response to Shumlin: This is Vermont, not China

  1. Maybe someone should clue Shummy into the fact that the Republic of China is actually the formal name for Taiwan. Doesn’t he run a student travel business when he isn’t mucking out the stalls at his family dairy farm?