State Democratic leaders respond to FOX News










May 17, 2007

Roger Ailes

Chairman and CEO

Fox News Channel

1211 Avenue of the


New York





Dear Mr. Ailes:

Last week, a media crew dispatched by the Fox News program “The O’Reilly Factor” confronted a member of the Vermont General Assembly in the Statehouse cafeteria.  The incident was witnessed by several members of the Legislature and later reported on the O’Reilly program.  The news crew asked misleading questions that deliberately mischaracterized


laws and our determination to protect our children. 

The Vermont Legislature has a long history of being open and accessible to all who wish to participate and observe, and has always recognized and granted access to the press to perform its important role.  However, the tactics employed by the producers of this television program are unacceptable and have no place in


’s statehouse or


politics.  The camera crew came at Representative Lippert in such an aggressive manner that several bystanders thought he was under attack.  Their questions were meant to provoke, rather than to elicit information. 

As the leaders of the Vermont Legislature, we condemn in the strongest terms these hostile tactics and stand with our colleagues in the Legislature in support of the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

If it was the goal of your producers and Mr. O’Reilly to create a reaction among your viewers that would lead to intimidating threats against our colleague, they succeeded.  Because of your program, Chairman Lippert has received numerous threats of personal injury and physical violence from your viewers.

If, on the other hand, it was Mr. O’Reilly’s goal to intimidate the Vermont Legislature into considering ineffective and misguided legislation or to weaken the Legislature’s steadfast support for our colleague, your tactics had the opposite effect.  We hope the bipartisan opposition to your channel’s tactics of intimidation will serve as a reminder that while


welcomes a healthy and honest debate on issues, we will not be bullied by outsiders whose primary interest is provocation and political theater.


Gaye Symington                                                            Peter Shumlin

Speaker of the Vermont House                                      President Pro Tem,



6 Responses to State Democratic leaders respond to FOX News

  1. Jane Walker Richmond

    Check out this web site to see how the bias, bigotry and bile of Bill O’Reilly creeps everwhere.http://autos.groups,yahoo,com/group/roadtrek/message 18332
    ” Vermont Travel”
    Jane Walker Richmond

  2. Here’s a few actual facts regarding the latest Billo VS Vermont fiasco.
    First of all, in view of his disgraceful, continuing conduct concerning Shawn Hornbeck, anyone, anywhere who thinks Billo cares about the law, kids or the truth is either mentally unbalanced, willfully-ignorant, or both.
    Again, Billo doesn’t give a damn about kids or the truth. That delusional notion was put to rest in the Judge Cashman fiasco.
    Billo cares about Billo. End of story.
    Secondly, “Jessica’s Law” is not the only legislation designed to protect kids from predators.
    If someone can demonstrate that Bill Lippert or anyone else in the Vermont Legislature hasn’t worked diligently to provide legislation as good if not better than “Jessica’s Law”, fine. Prove it. If they’re correct in their assessment of Lippert and the rest of the Legislature, it should be easy enough for them to produce some actual evidence for a change.
    Of course, if they’re getting their news and info from fox noise channel and the likes of Billo or the Drudge Report and think Billo gives a damn about kids, truth or the law in Vermont in view of the facts, they also don’t give a damn about kids in Vermont or anywhere else, either.
    Again, if you buy Billo’s act on this matter or anything else, you’re delusional.
    Truthfully, you’re just taking up space and wasting what little breathable air and potable water the dick cheneys of the world have left us and with all due respect, there are others far more deserving of that air and clean water than the willfully-ignorant, ill-informed, counterfeit-krishtin, bigoted-bonehead likes of you.
    Here’s wishing you a pleasant evening and better luck in the next life.

  3. Chris Brzezicki

    It never ceases to amaze me how Bill O and his ilk will engage in the tactic of throwing out a charge (the Rutland paper is corrupt) attempting to embolden their case yet never offer a single piece of truthful evidence to support such a charge. It fits the suit. It’s that kind of hard rhetoric that his supporters lap up like Thanksgiving gravy. This is a disturbed man. I’m reserved in even posting this because I then become guilty of contributing to the endless noise. Laugh at Bill O and if he or his toadies break the law, bust their sorry asses but in the meantime, This man is a joke. A sorry, sorry joke.

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  5. Elizabeth Barrett

    I am so tired of you liberal progressive Democrats.
    I am a Vermont native 50 years old. I am constantly having to tell people that my state has been taken over by left wing wacko’s like you.
    Jessica’s Law is something your whole group of pedifile/molestor protectors should consider since people like me have been physically abused during my entire childhood (by a first cousin) and still is why so many of my students that I teach year after year live in the same conditions. You Democrats continue to allow every kind of sexual abuse preditor’s to come live and be free in Vermont. I didn’t read about any laws you have passed or researched regarding sex offenders. I know that none of you care about me or any of my students that have been raped or molested in Vermont. What happens to the human lives that are destroyed by these animals/judges you so proudly protect. Post some of those for us to see.