Symington thanks Pelosi

The impeachment vote may be over and done with in the Vermont House, but that doesn’t mean that lawmakers aren’t still thinking about the Bush administration.

House Speaker Gaye Symington, D-Jericho, released a letter Friday she wrote to her counterpart in the U.S. House – Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

The two-page letter notes that the Vermont Senate approved an impeachment resolution and the House did not. Symington noted that she disagreed with the more than 300 people who gathered at the Statehouse Wednesday, but that she was "moved by their passion for holding the [Bush] administration accountable."

She adds in the letter that President Bush and Vice President Cheney’s actions have been "deceitful, immoral, and potentially criminal."

"I would also like to convey my appreciation to you for the dozens of investigations into the conduct of this administration that are currently underway in the U.S. House," Symington wrote.

During the weekly lunch date with Statehouse reporters Friday, Symington pinpointed the moment she changed her mind and allowed the debate and vote on impeachment to go forward.

During a speech on global warming Sunday in Burlington, Symington suddenly realized that she hadn’t thought much about the issue recently. That feeling was cemented that night when she spoke in Bennington and impeachment was one of the major issues that residents raised with her.

She said she decided that night to allow the issue to go forward.

"We were dealing with it," Symington said. "And we weren’t going to get back to the priorities without allowing the debate and having the vote."

-Dan Barlow

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