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Salmon will not run for reelection as Auditor

We just got the following note from State Auditor Tom Salmon:

Salmon grateful for service to state; not running for re-election

Dear Editor,

I have decided not to run for the office of state auditor this November.

I have achieved the goal set when I took office in January 2007 to transform the Vermont State Auditor’s Office into a first-rate performance auditing shop.  It is time for me to move on to new challenges.

I have a number of options presented to me, and some still out there, in God’s hands. It is most likely I will land in federal service in the IG or CFO communities as my passion continues to be improving government performance and better federal-state-local intergovernmental collaboration.  I have an offer from a CPA firm as well.

I want to thank those I have worked with and the people of Vermont who elected me. It has been an honor to serve you with the talented staff at the auditor’s office. Because of them, our office has been able to transform to a high quality performance audit office, adding value to the state.

I also thank the Legislature and other partners that worked hard to bring embezzlement prevention tools to fruition. I am grateful for the many joint efforts of collaboration to improve Vermont (government) performance. I appreciate everything very much.

I expect to finish out my term and begin a new job in January, and continue to serve Vermont with great honor.


Tom Salmon, CPA, CFE