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T.J. Donovan to run for AG

MONTPELIER — Chittenden County State’s Attorney T.J. Donovan says he will run for attorney general regardless of whether longtime incumbent Bill Sorrell decides to seek re-election. Donovan, 41, came close to knocking off Sorrell in a 2012 Democratic primary for the state’s top law enforcement position. Donovan lost to Sorrell, who was appointed to the position in 1997 by former Gov. Howard Dean and has won re-election each cycle since, by just 714 votes. Donovan opted to sit out the 2014 race and instead concentrated on his work in Chittenden County. That work has garnered plenty of attention statewide and has served, in some cases, as pilot projects for the state. Continue Reading →

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Vermont to recover millions in tobacco settlement

MONTPELIER — The state will receive $14 million in civil penalties and legal relief from tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds following a 2005 lawsuit, Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell announced Monday. The state sued the company over unsubstantiated advertising claims about the health consequences of one of its products. A trial court ruled in 2010 that the company did not conduct sufficient scientific studies to support an advertising claim that a non-traditional cigarette, known as Eclipse, would reduce a smoker’s chance of developing cancer. The court awarded the state $8.3 million in civil penalties for the violations and issued a permanent injunction against Reynolds to prevent similar conduct in the future. The court was in the process of considering the State’s request for attorneys’ fees and costs incurred in the lawsuit when the parties reached a settlement, according to Sorrell. Continue Reading →

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Democratic PAC settles with state

MONTPELIER — A Democratic PAC must may a $30,000 penalty for violating the state’s campaign finance law during the 2010 election. Green Mountain Future, a political action committee created by the Democratic Governors Association has settled with the state for the $30,000 penalty, Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell announced Wednesday. The settlement, which has been approved by the Vermont Superior Court, requires GMF to pay the state a civil penalty of $20,000 for failing to include its address on its website or in television ads that ran during the 2010 gubernatorial campaign. GMF must also pay a $10,000 penalty the court had previously imposed for not registering as a PAC and filing campaign finance reports. “Voters are legally entitled to know who is seeking to influence them,” Sorrell said a statement. Continue Reading →

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McMullen says Sorrell missing in action on crime

We sat down with the Republican candidate for Attorney General, Jack McMullen, for an editorial board meeting today. He began by talking about the dynamics of a three-way race, which means the race could be won by a plurality of under 50 percent. It’s unclear how much the independent candidate for AG, Ed Stanak of Barre, will peel away from Sorrell’s support, McMullen said, because Stanak has a strong constituency. “I distinguish myself in a couple of ways,” McMullen said. “I have a business as well as a law background…. Continue Reading →

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Republican AG endorsements

Republican candidate for attorney general, Jack McMullen, announced Monday the following elected officials have endorsed him for the office:
– Gov. Jim Douglas
– Auditor Tom Salmon
– Senator Peg Flory
– Senator Kevin Mullin
– Minority Leader Don Turner
– Assistant Minority Leader Brian Savage
– Rep. Lynn Dickinson
– Rep. Janice Peaslee
– Rep. Bill Johnson
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New TV ad for Republican AG candidate

Attorney general candidate Jack McMullen launched an ad campaign Saturday, which showed his ties to the U.S. Navy and Ivy League institutions as part of a “Do you know Jack?” question. A press release says future ads will deal with how he could deal with drug-related crime and how he plans to introduce modern business practices to the state office. The 30-second video can be seen at or through the YouTube video player in this post. Continue Reading →

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