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Vermont Dems wonder where Bernie is

MONTPELIER — With about five weeks to go before the general election, some Vermont Democrats are wondering why U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is sitting on the sidelines of what appears to be a toss-up election for governor. Sanders, the state’s junior senator who saw a meteoric rise in popularity during his failed effort to topple Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary, has personally endorsed Chittenden County Sen. David Zuckerman, who won the nomination of both the Democratic and Progressive Parties. But Sanders has remained silent in the race for governor, where Democrat Sue Minter is engaged in a battle with Republican Lt. Gov. Phil Scott. Sanders, who is in the process of writing a book, launched a political group, Our Revolution, after the presidential primary that has endorsed some progressive candidates around the country. But Minter and the Vermont Democratic Party have yet to see Sanders use his personal star power or his political group to their benefit, something that is beginning to cause some consternation. Continue Reading →

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FBI reviewing post card sent to Vermont Dems

MONTPELIER — A postcard with racial undertones received by the executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party, which could be construed as a threat, has been sent to the FBI for review by the state’s federal prosecutor. The postcard, received on Sept. 27, was sent to Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Conor Casey. It features a picture of the late, former West Virginia Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd in a Ku Klux Klan robe, and another picture of Byrd kissing Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The postcard, postmarked in Delaware, states “See you on the 8th” on the back, perhaps a reference to the Nov. Continue Reading →

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