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Sanders, Vermont delegation nominate Clinton

PHILADELPHIA — Vermont’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention took center stage Tuesday evening, casting its votes last before Sen. Bernie Sanders helped Hillary Clinton cement her place in history as the first woman nominated for president by a major political party. Sanders, after months of battling Clinton for the party’s nomination, offered one final, symbolic olive branch Tuesday by moving to suspend the rules and nominate Clinton by acclamation. Clinton had already secured enough delegate votes to win the nomination the traditional way, but the move mirrored what Clinton did for President Barack Obama in 2008 following their own grueling primary. “I move that the convention suspend the procedural rules. I move that all votes cast by delegates be reflected in the official record, and I move that Hillary Clinton be selected as the nominee of the Democratic Party for president of the United States,” Sanders said from his spot among the full Vermont delegation. Continue Reading →

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Sanders snares 3 Vermont superdelegates

MONTPELIER — Sen. Bernie Sanders netted three more Vermont superdelegates Tuesday bringing his total un-pledged delegate tally to six and his total pledged and unplugged delegate count to 22 out of the state’s 26 available delegates to the national convention in July. Secretary of State James Condos and Vermont Democratic Party Vice Chairman Tim Jerman, who represents Essex in the Vermont House, announced at a State House news conference Tuesday they plan to vote for the hometown presidential candidate. VDP Chairwoman Dottie Deans did not attend the news conference, but announced in an email to reporters that also plans to back Sanders. Condos and Jerman cited Sanders’ overwhelming victory in the March 1 Vermont Primary in which he won 86 percent of the vote. His Democratic primary rival, Hillary Clinton, did not reach the 15 percent threshold to secure pledged delegates that are awarded to candidates on a proportional basis, so Sanders won all 16 of the state’s pledged delegates. Continue Reading →

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Dottie Deans elected to serve as Democratic Party’s new chairwoman

The Vermont Democratic Party has a new chairman. The Democrats’ state committee on Saturday voted unanimously in favor of Dottie Deans, who replaces outgoing chairman Jake Perkinson. Deans, of North Pomfret, most recently served as vice-chairwoman of the party, and said she’s eager to begin preparing for the 2014 election cycle. “I look forward to continuing our work concentrating on our
biennial reorganization in our towns, counties, and state as well as
supporting our elected representatives here and in Washington and
preparing for the 2014 elections,” Deans said in a statement. According to a party release, Deans is a former elementary school teacher who began her climb through party ranks as town chairwoman in Pomfret. Continue Reading →

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