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Snelling apologizes to Lisman, but says he believes CFV founder’s gubernatorial hopes are real

Hours after alleging publicly that Campaign for Vermont founder Bruce Lisman has his eyes on governor’s seat, Mark Snelling apologized to the former Wall Street executive for the “mistake.” In an email to Lisman Thursday night, Snelling wrote:


I owe you an apology. I was doing an interview and I was trying to make a point about future elections and the dynamics of the various parties and how they can interact along with possible third parties. To make my point, I spoke about your organization and made statements about which I have no first-hand knowledge. It was a discussion where CFV was a tangent and I should not have gone down that tangent. Continue Reading →

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Lindley will not seek re-election to Vt GOP leadership post

MONTPELIER — Vermont Republican Party Chairman Jack Lindley said Wednesday that he will not seek re-election to the post and will instead back John MacGovern. Lindley had been considering a bid to remain chairman despite a recent illness that left him hospitalized for about a month. He was released from the hospital and returned home last week. As recently as Wednesday morning, political allies including Mark Snelling, the GOP’s treasurer, said Lindley was planning on trying to retain his chairmanship at the party’s state convention Saturday. “Yes, it’s my expectation that he’s going to run,” Snelling said Wednesday morning. Continue Reading →

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Vt. GOP struggle: Go moderate? Or stay the course of conservative?

They’ve descended to super-minority status in both the House and Senate, and lay claim to just one of Vermont’s six statewide offices. By the numbers at least, the once-dominant Vermont Republicans have reached a new low in their years-long fall from grace. Their fight for the future, however, is being waged not with the Democrats that so embarrassed them in the last two election cycles, but among fellow Republicans vying against each other for control of the party’s organizational apparatus. The emergence of two factions — one led by Vermont Republican Party Chairman Jack Lindley, the other by Lt. Gov. Phil Scott — has pitted the old-guard GOP against a cadre of upstart reformists looking to put some distance between themselves and the Republican National Committee. As a group led by Scott pieces together a statewide re-branding strategy aimed at picking up the centrists and Independents he says have been turned off by the party in recent years, Lindley and others are beginning to push back against a plan that would, in Lindley’s words, “turn its back on the national party.”

“I’m not about to go down the road of trying to have a party in Vermont that’s Democrat-lite,” Lindley said in an interview last week. Continue Reading →

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As Shumlin sounds alarm over sequestration, GOP chairman urges calm

As Congress inches closer to the brink, lawmakers and administration officials in Vermont are beginning to sound the alarm over the financial impacts of sequestration. But Jack Lindley, chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, says it’s much ado about nothing. “There’s very, very little evidence that would indicate the sky is going to fall,” Lindley said this afternoon. “I think things are being terribly overblown.”

A report put out by the White House last week enumerates the financial impacts of sequestration on Vermont. Across-the-board cuts to human services, public safety, education, health care and the military will see a reduction in federal revenue of at least $9 million over the next seven months, according to the White House projections. Continue Reading →

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With only a week until Election Day, pols cede center stage to Sandy

A storm named Sandy may have relegated politics to the backburner for at least a couple days, but don’t expect politicians to batten down the hatches on their campaigns. With only a week until Election Day, retail politics is in full swing. And Republican candidate for governor Randy Brock today said he won’t let Sandy take the wind out of his sails. “I always get the best responses at sign waves or other events when it’s snowing and the wind is blowing,” Brock said. “People know you want the job and are willing to endure some discomfort to get it.” Continue Reading →

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GOP chairman now alleging election fraud by Shumlin, Progs

He doesn’t have any evidence to support the claim, other than the somewhat bizarre circumstances surrounding the apparently erroneous counting of votes in the Progressive gubernatorial primary. But Jack Lindley, chairman of the Vermont Republican Party, just fired off a press release  alleging “collusion” between Gov. Peter Shumlin and Progressive candidate Martha Abbott. Lindley says he’ll withhold the Republican signature on today’s updated report from the canvassing committee. The committee is, at Jim Condos’ behest, recertifying results in the Prog gubernatorial primary. The new results show Martha Abbott winning by a single vote over anti-mountaintop-wind activist Annette Smith. Continue Reading →

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