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Dottie Deans elected to serve as Democratic Party’s new chairwoman

The Vermont Democratic Party has a new chairman. The Democrats’ state committee on Saturday voted unanimously in favor of Dottie Deans, who replaces outgoing chairman Jake Perkinson. Deans, of North Pomfret, most recently served as vice-chairwoman of the party, and said she’s eager to begin preparing for the 2014 election cycle. “I look forward to continuing our work concentrating on our
biennial reorganization in our towns, counties, and state as well as
supporting our elected representatives here and in Washington and
preparing for the 2014 elections,” Deans said in a statement. According to a party release, Deans is a former elementary school teacher who began her climb through party ranks as town chairwoman in Pomfret. Continue Reading →

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UPDATED: Perkinson out as Democratic Party chair

Jake Perkinson, who’s milling about the Statehouse cafeteria this morning in the wake of announcing his resignation as chairman of the Vermont Democratic Party, says a confluence of business and family matters has compelled him to call it quits. He said he leaves under nothing but good terms, and that it’s really about freeing up time for him to spend more time with his kids and pursue some professional opportunities. Perkinson said he also wants to allow talent within the party to churn through the ranks, and that by leaving now, he prevents the kind of hierarchical “logjam” that comes with longer-serving chairs. The party this morning announced the imminent departure of Jake Perkinson. He’ll step down March 16, according to a press release, when he’ll be replaced on an interim basis by vice-chairwoman Dottie Deans. Continue Reading →

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Democrats reach out to 143,000 voters in four days, say ground game will be difference

A ferocious ground game over the past four days has the chairman of the Vermont Democratic Party feeling confident this evening about his party’s prospects in the two lone races over which Democrats had been sweating. Volunteers have given up more than 3,000 hours of their time since Friday to make calls on behalf of incumbent treasurer Beth Pearce and candidate for auditor Doug Hoffer. Perkins says volunteers and VDP staff made 13,000call attempts to voters during that time period, bringing the total for the cycle to a pretty astounding 450,000. “And that doesn’t include any robo-calls,” VDP communications director Ari Wengroff says. Perkinson said polling data from earlier in the cycle is “pretty stale” at this point, but that he expects the field organziation and aggressive campaigning from Pearce to have increased the small lead she held over Republican Wendy Wilton when the survey was conducted. Continue Reading →

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Democrats allege illegal use of Vermont seal by GOP super PAC – UPDATED


Tayt Brooks, treasurer of the Republican super PAC working to support the candidacies of Wendy Wilton and Vince Illuzzi, said group has removed web ads alleged to have run afoul of a state statute that prohibits the use of the Vermont seal in advertisements. Brooks said he was unaware of the law until he was notified of the possible violation in an email from the Secretary of State’s office earlier today. ******

Vermont Democrats today accused a Republican super PAC of violating an arcane statute that prohibits the use of the state seal in advertisements. Vermonters First, the political action committee funded by GOP super patron Lenore Broughton, has been spending massive sums of money to bolster the electoral prospects of Wendy Wilton and Vince Illuzzi, Republican candidates for treasurer and auditor, respectively. In late July, Broughton’s shop began airing 15-second TV ads for the duo. Continue Reading →

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