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Anti-single-payer group steals page from Michael Moore

You might remember ‘Sicko,’ the 2007 documentary from Michael Moore that made the case for single-payer by contrasting the for-profit health care industry in the U.S. with government-run systems in places like Canada, Cuba and the UK. Now, this state’s leading anti-single-payer group is stealing a page from the liberal provocateur as it tries to send precisely the opposite message. 

Vermonters for Health Care Freedom wants to raise $18,250 to fund production of “Lessons from Canada,” a documentary it says will show what a train wreck single-payer is north of the border. In an email to would-be benefactors, Jeff Wennberg, executive director of VHCF, says the documentary “will help us activate an already existing coalition of conservatives, independents, and moderate Democrats who think Vermont’s single payer plan is reckless.”


Wennberg already has a trailer up  – you can check it out at


The teaser gives a little taste of what the full documentary would have in store.  

“This whole idea that it’s free, well it’s  like if you have a free bar at a wedding, some people won’t be as careful as they should, and as a result the liquor may run out,” says one guy in a suit.  

Look for the health care debate to ramp up next Thursday, when the Shumlin administration unveils it’s long-awaited single-payer financing plan. Continue Reading →

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