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Politicians and marijuana

Republican candidate for U.S. Congress Paul Beaudry smoked pot while in the military.

The reaction so far has been: So what?

But now Keith Stern, the White River Junction grocer who lost to Beaudry on primary day, says the candidate should have been more truthful. Stern said he will not support the candidate in the general election.

Here's what Stern said on the Times Argus comments section:

The man has absolutely no integrity and honor. He should have been upfront with his supporters from the start. Now the tea party groups lose credibility. Check out the Youtube video Beaudry lie that he says was doctored. It wasn't because I participated in both debates in the video. He claimed I made it which I had no prior knowledge of nor offerred my consent to.

If I lost to John Mitchell I would have been a big supporter of his. He has honor, something Beaudry knows nothing about. He cost both the Republican party and the tea parties that supported him credibility.

– Dan Barlow