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Story + Video: Legal pot discussion commences, but support is in question

MONTPELIER — Advocates of legalizing marijuana in Vermont are touting new supporters and the potential benefit to Vermont’s economy as State House discussions on legalization commence. The Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana held a State House news conference Tuesday to tout the support of former Vermont Attorney General Kimberly Cheney’s support for legalizing pot this year. The Senate Judiciary Committee is currently reviewing two bills that would do just that. The effort to legalize marijuana received a boost from Democratic Gov. Peter Shumlin last week when he announced in his State of the State address last week his willingness to sign a legalization bill this year. Shumlin said he would sign a bill if it ensures pot would stay out of the hands of underage people, has tax rates low enough to scuttle the black market, considers road safety and uses revenue for drug use prevention and addiction treatment. Continue Reading →

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Commentary: Vermont should act boldly to end marijuana prohibition

agree with marijuana legalization opponent Debbie Haskins on one thing: it is not inevitable that Vermont will pass a legalization and regulation bill in the 2016 legislative session (“Haskins: Legalized pot not inevitable,” Oct. 23). Rather than taking the support of their elected officials for granted, Vermonters who care about ending marijuana prohibition need to continue encouraging legislators to move forward rather than waiting to create a responsible, regulated system. It’s easy to see why supporters of prohibition might be anxious about 2016, as many other states appear poised to legalize and regulate marijuana for adult use. At least five states — including two New England states, Maine and Massachusetts — are expected to legalize via ballot initiative in November 2016. Continue Reading →

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