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Barbara Snelling, former lieutenant governor, dies at 87

MONTPELIER — Former Republican Lt. Gov. Barbara Snelling, who was also a state senator and first lady of Vermont, died at the age of 87 on Monday at her home in South Burlington, surrounded by her family, according to her son. Snelling, who served as lieutenant governor from 1993 to 1997, was the state’s 76th lieutenant governor. She was also elected twice to the Vermont Senate beginning in 1998. Snelling, born Barbara Tuttle Weil in Fall River, Mass., on March 22, 1928, was married to former Republican Gov. Richard Snelling, who died in 1991, making Snelling Vermont’s First Lady from 1977 to 1985, and again in 1991 until her husband died later that year. She is the mother of Chittenden County Sen. Diane Snelling, and Mark Snelling, who ran for lieutenant governor in 2010. Continue Reading →

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Snelling bows out of race for lieutenant governor

MONTPELIER — Republican Mark Snelling bowed out of the lieutenant governor’s race Monday after expressing his disappointment last week that fellow Republican Randy Brock had announced his own candidacy. Snelling, the son of former GOP Gov. Richard Snelling and Lt. Gov. Barbara Snelling, ran for lieutenant governor in 2010 but lost a primary race to Lt. Gov. Phil Scott. He announced his decision to pass on a 2016 bid in an email to fellow Republicans Monday. “Last week, Randy Brock announced that he was going to be a candidate for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor. Since that time, I have looked again at a possible candidacy and come to the conclusion that I will not run for Lt. Governor in 2016,” he wrote in his email. Continue Reading →

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Brock announces bid for lieutenant governor

MONTPELIER — Republican Randy Brock, a former auditor and state senator, said Thursday he is running for lieutenant governor. Brock, the GOP’s 2012 nominee for governor, announced his bid in a statement Thursday afternoon. He had also been considering a run for a Franklin County Senate seat but said the position of lieutenant governor fits his skills. “The lieutenant governor’s job offers the flexibility and the platform to become a catalyst for critical thinking and innovative ideas about how to achieve Vermont’s long-term promise,” he said. “I want to raise issues, generate ideas and get people in business, government and individuals talking with each other – across party and ideological lines.”

The Swanton resident was elected state auditor in 2004 and served one term before he lost his re-election bid to Thomas Salmon following a recount. Continue Reading →

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Brock, Snelling plan meeting to discuss plans for lieutenant governor

This story was updated at 5:30 p.m.

MONTPELIER — Republicans Randy Brock and Mark Snelling met Wednesday to discuss their mutual interest in running for lieutenant governor, but a decision on who will ultimately seek the office is not expected to be made for some time. Brock, a former state senator and auditor and the GOP’s 2012 nominee for governor, is interested in the post. Mark Snelling, who ran for lieutenant governor in 2010 but lost in a primary to Lt. Gov. Phil Scott, also has a desire to run. Snelling, the son of former Republican Gov. Richard Snelling and former Republican Lt. Gov. Barbara Snelling, said Wednesday’s meeting with Brock was held to discuss what is best for each of them, as well as the Vermont Republican Party. “We updated ourselves on where each of us are at and we said in the beginning that we weren’t going to come to any conclusions today and that we’re going to keep talking and that our expectation is that we’re going to hear more from people in the coming days who have an interest in the Republic nominations as well as people who have interest in the Democratic or Progressive nominations,” Snelling said following the afternoon summit. Continue Reading →

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Sunderland elected chairman of GOP, promises to “change the way we do business”

Escalating discord within the Vermont Republican Party came to a head Saturday in Montpelier, where the organization’s state committee rebuked current leadership by selecting a new chairman who promises “to rebuild.” Former Rutland Town Rep. David Sunderland won a decisive victory over John MacGovern on a platform that hews to the fiscal issues – taxes, health care and spending – on which he said all Republicans can agree. The race between Sunderland and MacGovern was in many ways a proxy war between two factions that have been battling for nearly a year now. And it represents a win for a bloc of disaffected Republicans who faulted outgoing chairman Jack Lindley for his allegiance to a Republican National Committee whose social conservatism, they said, repelled the centrists that swing elections Vermont. “At this critical, pivotal moment in our party’s history, we have a unique opportunity to change,” Sunderland told the nearly 200 GOP diehards crowded into the Elks Club in Montpelier. Continue Reading →

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Snelling apologizes to Lisman, but says he believes CFV founder’s gubernatorial hopes are real

Hours after alleging publicly that Campaign for Vermont founder Bruce Lisman has his eyes on governor’s seat, Mark Snelling apologized to the former Wall Street executive for the “mistake.” In an email to Lisman Thursday night, Snelling wrote:


I owe you an apology. I was doing an interview and I was trying to make a point about future elections and the dynamics of the various parties and how they can interact along with possible third parties. To make my point, I spoke about your organization and made statements about which I have no first-hand knowledge. It was a discussion where CFV was a tangent and I should not have gone down that tangent. Continue Reading →

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Mark Snelling says Bruce Lisman eying governor’s seat; Lisman’s people say “not true”

Bruce Lisman has dismissed as groundless the frequent speculation in the media about his political ambitions. But Mark Snelling says the founder of Campaign for Vermont is far more interested in running for governor than he’s let on publicly. According to Snelling, a longtime member of the Vermont GOP who ran unsuccessfully for lieutenant governor in 2010 and now serves as the party’s treasurer, Lisman in recent weeks gave serious thought to a 2014 bid against Peter Shumlin. “The reality is that within the last eight weeks, Bruce Lisman has considered running for governor,” Snelling said today. “He’s had a budget put in front of him, saying that it would cost $3.2 million to run for governor. Continue Reading →

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With Republican friends like Lauzon, who needs enemies?

Tom Lauzon has carved out a reputation as a bit of a political showman, and at a press conference this morning in which seven of the state’s eight sitting mayors endorsed Peter Shumlin, Lauzon did not disappoint. The Republican mayor of Barre City didn’t merely endorse the Democratic incumbent, he chided his party for even running a candidate against him. “I think (Republican challenger) Randy (Brock) is absolutely a fine man,” Lauzon said. “But I think quite frankly this was an ill-advised campaign and people are going to spend a lot of money to try to replace a leader who doesn’t need to be replaced.” Though he was the lone dyed-in-the-wool Republican on hand to endorse Shumlin, he was by far the most enthusiastic. Continue Reading →

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Snelling to Shumlin: Don’t put words in my dead father’s mouth

Randy Brock is accusing Peter Shumlin of twisting his words for political gain, and he’s getting some spirited back-up from former Republican lieutenant governor hopeful Mark Snelling. At issue is “community rating,” a 21-year-old price-leveling mechanism that doesn’t allow private health care insurers to charge old people more than young people for equivalent policies. Shumlin on Monday said Brock wants to “undo” community rating. Brock says that’s a lie, and has demanded a retraction from the Democratic incumbent. So who’s right?  

In a six-page proposal unveiled last week, Brock says reforms to community rating offer one of the quickest routes to cost-containment, especially for younger families inVermont. Continue Reading →

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