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Matt Dunne: The comic book

Cartoonist James Sturm, the co-founder of the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, spent election day with former State Sen. Matt Dunne as he tried to get the Democratic nomination for governor.

And he produced this comic for Slate about the experience.

(Above, a Sen. Doug Racine supporter jokes with the cartoonist (a Dunne supporter).

– Dan Barlow

Dunne hits the airwaves with first ad

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Dunne hits the airwaves this week with this ad, which hammers home one of his campaign's themes: The young are leaving Vermont.

He also mentions President Clinton, which will go over well with the primary voters.

– Dan Barlow

Matt Dunne: Ambition and love for Vermont


The Vermont Press Bureau's profiles of the major gubernatorial candidates continued this past weekend with Matt Dunne.

Here's the lede:

By Peter Hirschfeld
Vermont Press Bureau – Published: July 25, 2010

Matt Dunne’s political arc took flight in front of a television set about 35 years ago, when he insisted his parents let him watch the era’s defining drama play out.

“I refused to go to preschool so I could watch the Watergate hearings,” says Dunne.

His precocious affinity for politics never waned. By the time he was 10, Dunne was helping a local politician – Peter Welch – hand out campaign fliers at the dump.

“Peter asked if I wanted to go,” Dunne says. “I couldn’t think of anything more exciting.”

You can read the rest of the story here.

– Dan Barlow

Dunne takes aim at Dubie

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Matt Dunne took aim at Republican Brian Dubie Thursday, criticizing the Lieutenant governor for his statements about the alleged poor business environment of Vermont.

Dubie has run advertisements pointing out a poor business-friendly ranking that Vermont got. Some of the Democrats were critical of Dubie's approach here, saying it essentially paints a bad picture of the state to outsiders.

In a press release today Dunne makes the case that the debate over the ranking is a distraction from the real discussion over the future of Vermont's economy.

Here's what he had to say:

“Our approaches could not be more different. Brian’s vague proposals have focused only on reducing taxes and eliminating red tape. However, during his tenure, Vermont has fallen to the bottom of the list in terms of states who use the Internet to engage its citizens and nearly last in transparency. During my experiences leading businesses in Vermont, I have found that Regional Development Corporations and Planning Commissions are currently head and shoulders above the current state government in terms of responsiveness. Yet the Lt. Governor’s position in supporting Challenges for Change was to cut funding dramatically to these advocates for jobs.”

– Dan Barlow