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Vermont’s no presidential battleground, but troops abound

In a second-floor office on Burlington’s College Street, the campaign of one well-known candidate has been toiling under the radar for months.

Of course Barack Obama won’t have to sweat election-night results in Vermont, where voters in 2008 delivered him a more lopsided victory than in anywhere but his home state of Hawaii. So why is Obama for America pouring precious resources into a paid staffer and office rent here? It’s all about that swing state directly to our east.

“Want to make sure we have an apparatus in place to organize volunteers and get out the vote in places where it’s going to be closer,” says Mike Czin, spokesman for Obama for America.

According to Czin, Obama’s field organization here has nothing to with winning votes in Vermont and everything to do with getting out the vote in New Hampshire. Today, an army of Obama supporters from Vermont will jump the Connecticut River to execute a well-coordinated get-out-the-vote effort in the Granite State.

“We have a robust ground game across the state and what folks are working on in Vermont today, and have been working on for several months, is making sure President Obama gets elected,” Czin said. “And the best way to do that is to help make sure we get out the vote next door in the Granite State.”

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Wife of Romney’s VP pick used to lobby for Vermont Yankee

The Huffington Post is reporting that Janna Ryan, wife of newly minted Republican vice-presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan, used to work as a D.C. lobbyist for Vermont Yankee, among other corporate interests.

According to a story by Christina Wilkie, Janna Ryan, wife of the Wisconsin congressman, represented Vermont Yankee Corp., between 1998 and 2000. The lobbying firm for which she worked at the time was reportedly paid $180,000 by the plant’s owners.

Wilkie reports that Ryan’s efforts on behalf of the plant’s owners came as Vermont Yankee was being sold.

“Its owners hoped more favorable tax laws would make it more attractive to buyers,” Wilkie wrote.

TheVermont Public Interest Research Group has already jumped on the story, which also spotlight’s Janna Ryan’s work on behalf of cigar and pharmaceutical interests.

Paul Burns, executive director at VPIRG, had this to say in a release:

“I’m not sure that we should make any assumptions about what this means for the Romney/Ryan ticket, but it’s still fairly rare for any candidate on a presidential ticket to have ties to Vermont, so in this instance, Mrs. Ryan’s resume is worth noting. For what it’s worth, it’s certainly hard to imagine a client list more at odds with the values of Vermonters. After all, we’re talking about a state that’s leading the nation in health care reform, fighting to retire Vermont Yankee, working to end our addiction to oil and standing up to the tobacco industry.”    

Check out the full HuffPo story here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/14/janna-ryan-paul-ryan-wife_n_1774265.html



Former N.H. governor to stump for Romney in Vt.

MONTPELIER — Mitt Romney is engaged in a fierce battle for the Republican presidential nomination, and GOP officials from Vermont and New Hampshire will make the case for Mitt during a Statehouse press conference Wednesday.

Sen. Randy Brock, who is running for Vermont governor, and Sen. Vince Illuzzi will join former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu in the Cedar Creek Room “to discuss Mitt Romney’s bold vision to turn around our economy.”

Vermont is already Mitt-friendly state, according to a poll released this week by the newly launched Castleton Polling Institute.

According to the poll, Romney is the top choice for 34 percent of likely voters in the Republican primary, followed by Santorum, with 27 percent. With 14 percent of the vote Paul came in a distant third, and Gingrich trailed the pack with 10 percent.

But Vermonters still love Barack. According to the poll, Obama still leads Romney by 26 points in a head-to-head match up.

CORRECTION: In an earlier version of this post, the headline suggested Sununu was the current governor of New Hampshire.

Romney favored in Republican primary, but Vermonters still love Obama

Vermonters oppose Citizens United, love Obama and would prefer to see their governors serve four-year terms, according to the results of a poll released today by the Castleton Polling Institute.

It’s the first survey to come out of the newly formed institute, and it taps the pulse of registered voters on issues ranging from presidential politics to Town Meeting Day ballot issues.

The results, based on interviews with 800 registered voters conducted between Feb. 11 and Feb. 22, indicate that 76 percent of Vermonters favor a constitutional amendment to limit spending on political campaigns. Even a majority of Vermonters who identify as Republicans, 57 percent, would support such an amendment, according to the poll.

Likely voters in the March 6 Republican presidential primary say they prefer Mitt Romney over Rick Santorum, Ron Paul or Newt Gingrich.

But Barack Obama still ownsVermont. In the state that handed him one of the highest margins of victory in the state in 2008, Obama, according to the poll, still leads Romney by 26 points in a head-to-head match up.

Look for complete poll results, and an interview with Rich Clark, the political scientist heading up the CPI, in tomorrow’s editions of The Times Argus and Rutland Herald.

Salmon hearts Romney

Mitt Romney made it official here Thursday when he submitted the petition needed to appear on the Republican presidential primary ballot in September.

A press release from Romney’s camp announcing the news included a written statement from the former Massachusetts governor.

“I am proud to have the support of so many respected elected officials and leaders in Vermont,” Romney said. “I look forward to working with them to spread my pro-growth message and get America working again.”

He’s amassed an impressive list of supporters, especially for so early in the primary cycle. Among his fans is Tom Salmon, who announced last week that he’ll seek reelection to the auditor’s post.  

“Mitt Romney has a record of creating jobs as governor and has unparalleled knowledge of how the economy works from 25 years in the private sector,” Salmon said in the release. “He is the best candidate to lead our country toward an economic recovery and that is why Vermont voters will support him.”

Romney has won the loyalties of nearly the entire minority caucus in the Vermont Senate, with votes of confidence from Bill Doyle, Randy Brock, Peg Flory, Vince Illuzzi and Kevin Mullin.

You can check out the full list of Romney supporters below:


Vermont Elected Officials And Leaders Endorsing Mitt Romney


  • State Auditor Tom Salmon
  • Senate Minority Leader William Doyle
  • State Senator Randy Brock
  • State Senator Peg Flory
  • State Senator Vince Illuzzi
  • State Senator Kevin Mullin
  • State Representative and Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman Joe Acinapura
  • State Representative Gregory Clark
  • State Representative Howard Crawford
  • State Representative Dustin Degree
  • State Representative Eileen Dickinson
  • State Representative Peter Fagan
  • State Representative Mike Hebert
  • State Representative Robert Helm
  • State Representative Robert Lewis
  • State Representative Linda Myers
  • State Representative Gerald Reis
  • State Representative Vicki Strong
  • Wendy Wilton; Former State Senator and Rutland City Treasurer
  • Steve Larabee; Former State Representative and former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
  • Thomas Lauzon; Barre Mayor
  • Chris Roy; Former Republican Candidate for Secretary of State
  • Tim Haywood; Chief of Staff to former Governor Jim Douglas
  • Jim Barnett; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
  • Jack Lindley; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
  • Allen Martin; Former Vermont Republican Party Chairman
  • Bradford Broyles; Rutland County Republican Chair
  • Ken Copp; Essex County Republican Chair
  • Dr. Bill Minsinger; Orange County Republican Chair
  • Dan Riley; Bennington County Republican Chair
  • Hugh Tallman; Lamoille County Republican Chair
  • Leo Valliere; Washington County Republican Chair and former State Representative
  • Chuck Wilton; Rutland County Republican Finance Chair
  • Lenny Barclay; Londonderry Town Republican Chair
  • Don Bostic; Saint Johnsbury Town GOP Chair and former State Representative
  • Del Cook; Brandon Town Republican Chair
  • Lawrence Daley; Peru Town Republican Chair
  • Joe DeFreitas; Bethel Town Republican Chair
  • Dawn Hill-Fleury; Essex Town Republican Chair
  • Cliff King; East Montpelier Town Republican Chair
  • Bruce Lonergan; Bennington Town Republican Chair
  • Eric Osgood; Johnson Town Republican Chair
  • Mike Lannon; Rutland City Republican Chair
  • Don Trachte; Sandgate Town GOP Chair
  • Harry Jay; Williamstown Town GOP Chair
  • Patricia Morale; Secretary of the Pittsford Town Republican Party
  • John Kleinhans; Former Vermont College Republican President
  • Buddy and Jackie Barnett; State Central Committee
  • Marilyn Childs; State Central Committee
  • Ron Meroli; State Central Committee
  • Bob and Pat Nowak; State Central Committee
  • Ann Valliere; State Central Committee
  • John and Carol Wu; State Central Committee
  • Lynn Lindley; Montpelier City Committee
  • J. Paul Giuliani; Montpelier City Committee
  • Michael Bertrand; Volunteer Vermont Counsel, Romney for President, Inc.
  • Darcie Johnston; Johnston Consulting, Inc.
  • Mark Snelling; President of Snelling Center for Government
  • Rick Cochran
  • Jack and Kim Kane