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News out of D.C. today opens up $4 million hole in health care budget

The feds have dealt a financial setback to the Shumlin administration’s efforts to assist low- and middle-income residents heading into the exchange next year. But Shumlin’s health care chief, Robin Lunge, says the administration is already putting together a “plan b” to deal with the news. Word came over the phone from Washington, D.C., today that the “cost-sharing assistance” in Shumlin’s fiscal year 2014 budget won’t be eligible for a federal match. That opens up a $4 million hole – a solution to which Commissioner of Vermont Health Access Mark Larson could present to lawmakers as early as tomorrow. The cost-sharing assistance is essentially an updated version of Catamount Health, tailored to complement the framework of the federally mandated “health benefits exchange.” It would subsidize insurance costs for people making as much as 400 percent of the federal poverty level. Continue Reading →

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Pro-single-payer group sprouts a PAC, begins pushing statewide and local candidates

The well-funded pro-single-payer group called “Vermont Leads” has launched its own political action committee. Funded entirely by an out-of-state union, Vermont Leads earlier this summer aired a six-figure ad blitz urging voters to support single-payer. More recently, the group won headlines for picketing outside the Burlington home of Lenore Broughton, who has poured at least $680,000 of her own money into getting Republicans elected next Tuesday. With Nov. 6 fast approaching, Vermont Leads has turned its focus from issue advocacy to electioneering, launching a PAC that is separate from the tax-exempt nonprofit that aired the TV ads. Continue Reading →

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