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Progressive Party gubernatorial recount slated for Thursday

Recounts of ballots for the Progressive Party’s gubernatorial primary will occur in courts across the state starting at 9 a.m. Thursday. State officials had determined candidate Martha Abbott defeated write-in challenger Annette Smith 371-370 on Thursday after a canvassing committee corrected official results from Tuesday. Elections officials will recount ballots in the Progressive Party by hand, unless otherwise notified, in county superior courts. Judge Robert Bent issued the order Friday, which requires two election officials to transport all ballots cast in the primary election from their city or town to each of their respective county clerks. The secretary of state’s office anticipates issuing a press release with the results, which could be declared Thursday or Friday. Continue Reading →

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Write-in candidate Annette Smith plans for recount

MONTPELIER – Write-in candidate Annette Smith said she now plans to request a recount, which was previously not an option. When primary results were certified Tuesday, Progressive Party candidate Martha Abbott was officially declared the winner. Abbott defeated Smith 371-354, and Abbott ended her campaign as governor later that day. Smith was not eligible for a recount, though, because the 17-vote difference wasn’t close enough. A 2 percent difference from the total amount of votes cast was required, which Smith missed by two votes. Continue Reading →

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