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Guns, school governance and tax refund halt – Capitol Beat, Feb. 9, 2015


Vermont Press Bureau chief Neal Goswami and VPB reporter Josh O’Gorman discuss a public hearing coming up on Tuesday about gun legislation, a House Education Committee bill to reform school governance and why the state has temporarily halted issued tax refunds. Continue Reading →

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Vermont Tax Department halts refunds

MONTPELIER — Vermont’s Tax Department has put a temporary hold on issuing income tax refunds to taxpayers who have already filed returns because of suspicious activity with a third-party tax filing program. Returns sent electronically to the Tax Department through TurboTax, filing software made by Intuit, have had an unusually high amount of alerts, Gov. Peter Shumlin said Friday. As a result, the state decided to halt issuing returns on Wednesday night, he said. “This is the new, ‘How do you rob a bank?’ It kind of used to be Bonnie and Clyde, now you figure out a way to exploit a technology, TurboTax, to get somebody else’s refund. This is not just a Vermont problem, it’s happening nationally and the IRS is all over this,” Shumlin said in an interview. Continue Reading →

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