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Trailing Bernie: Sanders tweets GOP debate

ermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a contender for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, live-tweeted most of the Republican presidential debate Wednesday night until he gave about around 10:30 p.m.

“Thank you all. I’ve had it. I’m going home. Talk to you soon,” he tweeted with more than 30 minutes of debate time left on CNN. Sanders, with the help of his digital director, offered running commentary for about two-and-a-half hours before that, though. Continue Reading →

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Trailing Bernie: Sanders unbowed after hitting rough patch out west

The early weeks and months on the campaign trail for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders were relatively easy — thousands of adoring fans chanting his name and cramming into tight spaces to hear him speak. They opened their wallets, too, to fund his White House bid. But the trail is long and winding, and Sanders has seen how even a division among progressives, who have flocked to him in droves, can cause headaches for a campaign on the rise. Rough reception
Sanders appeared at the Netroots Nation in Phoenix this past weekend. What was supposed to be a pep rally of sorts for Sanders in front of a hyper-progressive crowd turned sour. Continue Reading →

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