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With Illuzzi concession to Hoffer, last statewide race decided

Republican candidate for auditor Vince Illuzzi moments ago called Democrat/Progressive Doug Hoffer to concede. Hoffer gave an extremely short victory speech, saying he’s a numbers guy, not a speechifyer. We’ll bring you more tomorrow on Hoffer’s win, and how his tenure could make for an interesting one over the next two years.   Continue Reading →

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Democrats allege illegal use of Vermont seal by GOP super PAC – UPDATED


Tayt Brooks, treasurer of the Republican super PAC working to support the candidacies of Wendy Wilton and Vince Illuzzi, said group has removed web ads alleged to have run afoul of a state statute that prohibits the use of the Vermont seal in advertisements. Brooks said he was unaware of the law until he was notified of the possible violation in an email from the Secretary of State’s office earlier today. ******

Vermont Democrats today accused a Republican super PAC of violating an arcane statute that prohibits the use of the state seal in advertisements. Vermonters First, the political action committee funded by GOP super patron Lenore Broughton, has been spending massive sums of money to bolster the electoral prospects of Wendy Wilton and Vince Illuzzi, Republican candidates for treasurer and auditor, respectively. In late July, Broughton’s shop began airing 15-second TV ads for the duo. Continue Reading →

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When Republican super PAC hits airwaves Monday, will Randy Brock get any love?

We brought you news last week of the first Republican super PAC to hit Vermont, and that fact that it’s going to spend at least $70,000 over the next couple weeks to push conservative viewpoints. Though we don’t know yet who’s funding “Vermonters First,” the point man for the outfit, Tayt Brooks, said the group will provide a foil to the “single-party” rule dominating Montpelier. A day after our story broke, Paul Heintz of Seven Days had a great follow-up piece detailing the content of the group’s ads. One spot will tout Republican candidate for auditor Vince Illuzzi. Another is dedicated to the GOP’s candidate for treasurer, Wendy Wilton. You can watch video of the spots at “Off Message,” a new blog from Heintz and Seven Days political editor, Andy Bromage: 

Does that mean Vermonters First has snubbed the man at the top of the ticket? Continue Reading →

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