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Sorrell announces Volkswagen settlement

MONTPELIER — Vermonters who purchased or leased certain Volkswagen and Audi 2.0-liter diesel vehicles are set to receive a cash payment of more than $5,000 from Volkswagen and have the option of having their vehicle modified or bought back by Volkswagen under the terms of a settlement agreement with the company, Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell said. The agreement is a partial resolution of a consumer class-action suit and a lawsuit filed by the federal government against Volkswagen in California. The company has admitted to federal officials that it installed software in cars that would intentionally provide false information to technicians during emissions tests. The software was installed in up to 11 million vehicles worldwide. The settlement announced Tuesday, upon judicial review, will provide about 3,000 owners of 2.0-liter diesel vehicles in Vermont with a restitution payment of at least $5,100 and the choice of having Volkswagen buy back their vehicle or modification of their vehicle that will reduce emissions, as the company originally promised to do. Continue Reading →

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Vermonters suing Volkswagen over emissions

BURLINGTON — Burlington-based law firm Downs Rachlin Martin has filed a class action law suit against Volkswagen companies in the U.S. and Germany following revelations the automaker made some diesel cars with software designed to evade emissions tests. The firm announced Wednesday that it had filed the suit in Chittenden Superior Court on behalf of Charlotte resident Robert Turnau. The lawsuit seeks damages that owners of Volkswagen’s diesel cars have suffered “as a result of the company’s falsification of emissions testing equipment.”

Tristram Coffin, the state’s former U.S. attorney, will lead DRM’s litigation team. He said Vermonters purchased Volkswagen’s diesel cars thinking it was better for the environment. “Vermonters who bought these cars were led to believe that not only were they taking advantage of clean-burning low sulfur diesel being used in a very efficient diesel engine, but also that the car’s emissions profile was better than gasoline-powered cars and met or exceeded all federal standards,” Coffin said in a statement. Continue Reading →

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