Thank you, Dad

Rutland Republican Sen. Kevin Mullin's son wrote to the Rutland Herald this week thanking his father for his vote last week on the same-sex marriage bill.

Mullin, the sole GOP member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, voted yes alongside the Democrats on the committee.

Here's the letter:

Many are calling Sen. Kevin Mullin's vote to send a gay marriage bill to the House and Senate an act of courage and a powerful example to other lawmakers here in Vermont – and it certainly was. I know how difficult this issue has been for him and I applaud him for voting for what he believes. I am also proud to say that Sen. Kevin Mullin is my father whom I love and support with all of my heart. I would like to thank him for standing up and supporting my own rights.

However, in response to Stephen Cable's remarks, I am outraged. I sincerely hope that voters will not vote based solely on this issue come next election. My father has devoted his life to serving Rutland County and his credits are immeasurable. In addition, Cable claims that this bill will "no longer seek to promote that each child have a mother and a father." A child deserves to be loved – regardless of their parent or parents' gender. I know that I certainly feel loved today. Thank you, Dad.

Rutland Town

-Dan Barlow

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