The Campaign for Vermont marches on…

MONTPELIER – When a group launches into a news release by saying it “welcomed growing momentum,” it doesn’t seem to give much promise the following sentences and paraphraphs will deliver.

But Campaign for Vermont, launched by former Bear Stearns exec Bruce Lisman and others, is worth watching.

And the latest from the group includes a long list of the group’s most recent supporters, and names and faces are always fun.

Here’s the list of people the Campaign for Vermont identified  as its newest “partners,” after the break.

How many do you know?

David Ainsworth, So. Royalton

Associated General Contractors of VT

Ray Ault, Proctor

Carol Bandy, Plainfield

Frank Bandy, Plainfield

Hugh Barber, Brattleboro

Pennie Beach, Ferrisburgh

Michael Bernhardt, No. Londonderry

Leon Berthiaume, Swanton

Rodney Buck, Calais

Chris Campion, Winooski

Tim Cope, Shelburne

Scott Costa, Waterville

Ted Crawford, Mt. Holly

Ian deGroot, Charlotte

Gregory Dunkling, Stowe

Christopher Eaton, Weybridge

Jim Eckhardt, Chittenden

Dart Everett, Brattleboro

Joy Everett, Brattleboro

Dan Feeney, Burlington

Ed Fowler, Killington

Greg Fuller, Barre

Mary Gerdt, No. Ferrisburgh

Doug Grahn, Middlesex

James Hall, Center Rutland

Peter Hood, Middlesex

John Illick, Middlebury

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #300

Jim Kelly, So. Burlington

Peter Kreisel, Burlington

Fred ‘Chico’ Lager, Williston

Sheryl Lamberti, Barre

Evan Langfeldt, Charlotte

Michael Lannon, Rutland

Mark Leipert, Stowe

Pat Marano, So. Burlington

Sally Martel, Shelburne

Michael ‘Coach’ McShane, Montpelier

Dale Metz, St. Albans

Lynn Miles, Stowe

Judy Miller, Brattleboro

Roger Miller, Brattleboro

John Mitchell, Fairfax

The Montgomery Family, Killington

Curt Morin, Shaftsbury

Oliver Olsen, Jamaica

Paulette O’Bryan, Barre

David O’Bryan, Barre

Patty O’Donnell, Vernon

Gary Parker, Clarendon

Ernie Pomerleau, Burlington

Joe Perrotto, Shelburne

Lori Pinard, East Montpelier

George Rieger, Barre

Wendy Rieger, Barre

Steve Salls, Swanton

Chris Santee, Fairfax

William Sayre, Bristol

Caren Slayton, Marshfield

Larry Slayton, Marshfield

David Starr, Weybridge

Phil Steckler, Brattleboro

Jason Strempek, So. Burlington

Kara Strempek, So. Burlington

Tracy Stolese, Colchester

Win Thomas, Rutland

John Van Blarcom, Stowe

Tim Vincent, Ferrisburgh

Steve Voigt, Norwich

Sean Walsh, Fairfield

John Wilking, So. Burlington

Sueayn Wood, Shelburne

Allan Wooley, Morgan

Bob Young, Proctor

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