The Future


Later today, a wall will fall down in front of the Times Argus and Rutland Herald websites.

John Mitchell, the owner of the two family newspapers, explains what this means for you in an editorial today. And he answers a few other lingering questions here.


We know our readers want our content because we receive over 4 million page views a month on our websites. That is a lot for papers our size. Because of that readership we know there is a demand for local, fact-checked community and state content. For generations and most recently the past year, the Mitchell family has been investing in technology, developing and training staff, to keep pace with what we believe to be the future of our journalism — which is not far from what it is today — local and community.

– Dan Barlow

One Response to The Future

  1. one_vermonter

    This will kill the Times Argus/Rutland Herald. It gives me no pleasure to say that.
    People aren’t going to bother to subscribe. They don’t want to pay the money. They don’t want the hassle of another password.
    It’s been tried by a lot of papers before & it’s never worked.