The story of the weekend

Friday afternoon, a few hours after Sen. Leahy became the day’s news after suggesting that Sen. Clinton should withdraw from the race, a few of us Vermont reporters were chatting about the development.

Several of us were a little dumbfounded that Leahy’s statement became such big news (Vermont Public Radio broke the story Friday morning and a link via Matt Drudge caused their server to crash for two hours).

Leahy has been an avid supporter of Sen. Obama, so his displeasure at Clinton was not surprising. And his statement did cap a week of good news for Obama, including several big endorsements and polls showing that he weathered the Wright controversy from earlier this month.

But watching the news cycle over the weekend made my realize the beauty in Leahy’s well-time suggestion: The story over the last three days became, "Should Clinton drop out of the race?"

That’s not what you want people asking when you are behind in the delegate count.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to The story of the weekend

  1. Unfortunately, “Look What Leahy Said!!” seems to have trumped the point he made. I think it was the AP that followed that up by suggesting that Obama wanted Hillary to stay in the race ( was a little better, although they offset that by running the bowling piece with the simple, cryptic headline Obama: “I was terrible”.
    The national media is outdoing itself in the primary season. I almost hate to see what the GE will bring.