The end is near (maybe)

The Vermont Legislature will wrap up its work today.

Or maybe it won’t.

Nearly every lawmaker in a position of power Thursday claimed that today would be the final day of the 2007 legislative session. But in the Statehouse hallways, some state reps and senators confided that they thought that time line was very optimistic.

Saturday, maybe, they said. Or even next week.

Whomever will be right, the pressure is certainly on. Senate President Peter Shumlin, who is apparently leaving the country for a vacation next week, is surely pushing for today to be the end. As is House Speaker Gaye Symington and Gov. James Douglas, who has his own overseas trips to take (Macedonia, if you were curious, and the reasons for which are contained in my story in today’s Times Argus and Rutland Herald).

Still, there are some troubling signs this morning. Several large bills – education cost containment, global warming and broadband – still need to be resolved.

Several conference committees – where the differing details between House and Senate bills are hashed out – convened late this morning. And the full House and Senate – both scheduled to start work at 11 p.m. – are also running late and have yet to dive into the big meat bills.

CORRECTION: Shumlin is not leaving the state next week for a trip, Democrats now tell me. He is hoping to return to work with the family business in Putney. But the supposed trip is apparently a piece of misinformation that is spreading around the Statehouse. I apologize for the mistake.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to The end is near (maybe)

  1. jack sprat

    Is that a Douglas or Republican or Entergy Nuclear disinformation campaign about Shumlin?
    The Governor’s leaving, and somebody else gets blamed. That’s Rove’s strategy – attribute your own fault to your opponent.
    Dan, can you track down the rumor?