The high cost of cell phones

Rep. Steve Maier’s House Health Care Committee has found a unique way to curb obnoxious cell phone calls interrupting proceedings.

A small fishbowl in the center of the third-floor committee room’s table notes a $1 penalty for cell phone rings while the group is in session. When the committee – which has spent much of the session working on a major new health care bill – convened this afternoon, there were four one dollar bills in the jar.

Until the cell phone on an embarrassed woman’s belt rang shortly before 2 p.m. But she knew exactly what to do.

"How much do I owe?" she asked. "I only have a five."

That five now sits in the jar and the four one dollar bills in her pocket.

Some committee members joked that they could soon throw a party with the money building up in the jar. But Rep. Virgina Milkey quickly brought the discussion back to reality by pointing out that the beer that $5 purchases would be of rather poor quality.

-Dan Barlow

3 Responses to The high cost of cell phones

  1. montpelier28

    I no longer drink but if $5 sounds like cheap beer I’m glad I did. Also I bet poor people do still drink $5 beer and the pols get paid too much money if that’s what they think.

  2. Ok heres my plan if we as a people join in together to stop buying cell phones as soon as they come out the price will start to go down. in these hard time I think phone companies are ripping us consumers off withthe price of a phone that cost more then some computers. and the plans that charge you mins instead of a monthly phone bill like that one in your house. as consumers we must start to stand together and stop being brainwashed by the phone ad’s and the pricey plans that they trick us into getting. stick with the phone you have already and please resist from being tricked. so what it a touchscreen? besides that what does it do that the phone you have now doesnt? come on people i know we can help make a difference in this phone war. the more they trick us into buying the more their going to charge us. join with me in standing up to these greedy companies from getting into our pockets and taking everything we have with out so much as a thankyou

  3. Some committee members joked that they could soon throw a party with the money building up in the jar.