Today is April 1st

A few Vermont senators thought today was the day to pull a fast one on Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie.

When the Senate began its session Tuesday morning, the first order of business was a new whistleblower bill that had been sent up through the Senate Government Operations Committee. Windham County Sen. Jeanette White, the chair of that committee, was the reporter of the bill on the floor this morning.

But when Dubie, who presides over the Senate most days, called on White to explain her bill, he instead found Chittenden County Sen. Diane Snelling in her seat. White, meanwhile, was across the room in Snelling’s seat.

Apparently, people sometimes confuse the two senators. Personally, I don’t see it.

"The chair is … a little confused," Dubie said.

Snelling, still pretending she is the senator from Windham County, gave her floor time to her "colleague from Chittenden County." White, still pretending to be the senator from Chittenden County, explained her bill and their playful ruse.

"Today we lost our own sense of who we are …" White said, before reminding those in the chamber that the bill they were about to vote on was not in fact a joke.

-Dan Barlow

2 Responses to Today is April 1st

  1. montpelier28

    So besides jokes nothing’s happening because their is no money or what?

  2. montpelier28

    Randall Smathers???