Today? Tomorrow?

The Vermont Senate meets tonight at 5 p.m. – and they are widely expected to agree to ammendments made to the same-sex marriage bill by the House.

Once that is done, the bill is off to Gov. James Douglas where a veto awaits.

What is not clear yet is when that veto will actually happen. The Senate's agenda looks fuller than I imagined it would for a Monday – and they can wait to see the bill to one late tonight (pushing the veto – and possibly its override to Tuesday) or send it right away.

-Dan Barlow

One Response to Today? Tomorrow?

  1. It doesn’t matter wether the gov vetoes this bill or not, the gay/lesbians will push it through any way they can. That is what they do, push it on states, the fact is no one has voted same sex marriage into law. Civil unions provide the exact same benifits to gay/lesbians as marriage does to heterosexual couples, No change was needed, it is wasted time and energy, and precious resources. I am personally sick and tired of having this shoved down my throat, Beth Robinson is doing a dis-service to Vt by revisiting an issue that was decided 10 years ago. he funny thing is, she did not succeed in making same sex marriage legal, she just changed marriage into civil marriage for everyone. Good job Beth