USA Spending in the 802

Congratulations to Green Mountain Daily, which just turned three years old. Not five. Three. Which makes it about the same age as Vermont View. They don't pull punches, and the diarists – is that the right term? – are not anonymouses, or at least they have online identifiers. The Vermont blogosphere is inconsistent at best – many blogrolls are outdated, linking to defunct addresses and stale cobweblogs that haven't been updated in months. But GMD is fresh just about every day, and we are proud that they link to us on occasion.
Anyway, while we wait to see what impact the stimulus package will have on the state spending, we have been looking around the Internet to see what we can dig up. There's a great site,, which tracks all federal contracts and grants by state – including the TARP program. They have a pretty cool mashup showing where the TARP money has gone – none of it to Vermont banks, apparently.
-Rob Mitchell

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  1. Thankyaverymuch… (in my best Elvis, which isn’t all that good).