‘Vermont Strong’ license plates illegal, for now

As of 8 a.m. Monday, the Department of Motor Vehicles had received 700 orders for the 'Vermont Strong' license plates created to raise money for survivors of Tropical Storm Irene. If yours has come in the mail, DON'T PUT IT ON YOUR CAR.

"It’s a little ironic in that it’s illegal to put one on your car right now," Peter Shumlin said this week.

That's because Vermont traffic laws require vehicles registered in the state to have two plates – one on the back and one on the front. Lawmakers have actually sought in the past to require plates only on the rear-facing end of cars and trucks – it would save the state a few hundred thousand dollars a year - but law-enforcement officials don't like that idea at all.

A statutory fix is rapidly underway. The Senate Committee on Transportation has already approved legislation making a front-plate exception for people who shell out $25 for the 'Vermont Strong' plates, which will replace car owners' regular tags.

The House is expected to fast track the bill when it arrives there.

"Just keep it on the kitchen counter for a fews days until we get the law passed," Shumlin said.

2 Responses to ‘Vermont Strong’ license plates illegal, for now

  1. So why does the DMV send you only one renewal sticker for the rear plate? Is there something special about Vermont plates versus other State’s plates? Do all States require a front plate? It is strange the only objection is from Vermont law enforcement.
    Are we now not in a true police state where they watch you with cameras on the roads, in buildings and next in your own home with infrared.

  2. I should think law enforcement would be more concerned about license plate frames that cover up the renewal sticker and sometimes even the name of the state.