Vermont Yankee files suit to stay open past 2012

Entergy Corporation, the parent company of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, announced in a press release a few minutes ago that two of its subsidiaries have filed a complain in US District Court for Vermont seeking a judgement to prevent the cessation of operations in March of 2012.

Under the terms of the agreement when the plant was sold to Entergy in 2002, the state has the final say in whether or not Vermont Yankee can continue to operate beyond its 40-year license.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission on March 21 of this year renewed that license, but the majority of the Vermont legislature and Gov. Shumlin have been opposed to allowing operation beyond 2012.

We have made every reasonable effort to accommodate the state of Vermont and its officials while allowing the continued operation of Vermont Yankee – an outcome that benefits all stakeholders, including Vermont consumers and the approximately 650 men and women who work at the plant,” said Richard Smith, president of Entergy Wholesale Commodities, in the press release. “Despite the fact that Vermont Yankee is important to the reliability of the New England electric transmission grid, emits virtually no greenhouse gases, and provides more than $100 million in annual economic benefits to the state of Vermont, it has been made clear that state officials are singularly focused on shutting down the plant.  That has left us with no other choice but to seek relief in the court system.”

One Response to Vermont Yankee files suit to stay open past 2012

  1. We have been predicting this for light years. Here’s a recent post from the Hum.
    (By the way, love the Entergy ad on this page as I’m writing this)
    We bet Nosty will predict correctly. Here’s what will most likely happen.
    1. Nuclear Regulatory Commission will give thumbs up to E-LA/VY, ‘cuz that’s what they do with nuke plants ready for relicensure – 63 times in a row, to be exact.
    2. The feds will then step out of the way, letting Peter (Shumdog Millionaire) Shumlin, the Vermont Legislature, and E-LA duke it out, probably in court.
    Even if Vermont wins litigation, it will have taken years and during that time E-LA will have produced and sold mucho power, because they have the license, willing purchasers, and millions of bucks for more than one appeal. One official even predicts that the legal process will take up to half of time of the renewed license period.
    If Vermont loses, there’s an appeal, and E-LA cruises to victory, making good revenue and avoiding protesters, living in LA. Louisiana, that is.
    3. Shumdog Millionaire comes out of this smelling sweet, for he fought the good fight, energizing the base, against Entergy Louisiana, probably knowing how it would play out.