When is a tour of Vermont not just a tour of Vermont?

Gov. James Douglas announced today a six-day tour of the state later this month that he is dubbing, "Set the Agenda Tour." From Aug. 16-25, he will visit at least eight towns across the state to chat with residents as the administration prepares for the second half of the legislative session early next year.

And that’s just the start. Douglas plans more events throughout the state this fall. Like the early fall jam band tours, watch for him to visit your hometown soon!

"I am looking forward to spending the next several months hosting events all over the state, listening closely to Vermonters and hearing their priorities for the coming legislative session," he said in a statement.

Some grumbling from the state Democratic Party was evident soon after word got around concerning the announcement. House Speaker Gaye Symington issued the first shot at this tour by noting that she hopes it will be different than his previous tour last year, which she said were "advertised … as if they were part of a campaign tour," according to her statement.

"It is my hope that the Governor will listen to a wide range of voices rather than a selection of those who agree with his views," Symington added.

-Dan Barlow

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  1. Ye Ol' Vermonter

    I wonder if Douglas will be visiting Brattleboro?