White House “mystery” solved

Looks like the White House did have a real reason to fax me last week.

(H/T to D.M. for first suggesting this was the reason for the mysterious fax from the Office of the First Lady last week)

Looks like the Vermont Historical Society was honored at the White House at an event this morning celebrating museum and library services (Mrs. Bush is, of course, a former librarian and this issue is clearly close to her heart).

Here’s what the First Lady had to say this morning:

Vermonters may live in a small state, but thanks to the Vermont Historical Society, they’re proud of their history. The society has partnered with 192 public libraries – as well as 200 local museums and heritage organizations – to educate citizens about their state’s rich past. At the society’s annual History Expo, more than 6,000 people enjoy presentations, reenactments, plays, readings by Vermont authors, and traditional craft demonstrations. The Expo is one of the many Historical Society programs that provide a crucial boost to Vermont’s economy.

Big congratulations to the Historical Society for this. Unfortunately, it ruined a perfectly good moment of political snark. Still, they totally deserve the recognition.

-Dan Barlow

2 Responses to White House “mystery” solved

  1. dan. Like your humor.

  2. Clearly, Laura Bush was unaware that the idiots in Brattboro were going to play important and big and hold an election to arrest George Bush and Dick Cheney.
    Forget Vermont….History is All You have….today, you are just crappy syrup and girlie-boy old disgruntled hippies with no future and no true loyalty to the America that protects your sorry b*tts.