Who’s spamming Vermont on gay marriage?

There were signs Wednesday that the same-sex marriage debate in the Vermont Legislature has attracted outside interest.

A Green Mountain Daily poster mentions today getting a robo call from a Washington, D.C. area phone number with a rather odd poll – Should Vermont lawmakers vote on same sex-marriage or focus on the economy?

The call allegedly came from 202-747-7306, which shows up on several Web sites that collect information on robo-calls. A posting on some of the sites note that it was used last November to send out thousands of calls for a pro-life Republican.

Wednesday morning at the Statehouse I began hearing from a handful of Democratic state reps and senators that their e-mails are being flooded that day with form letters of opposition from out of staters. They said these are coming at about one every minute.

For the record, reporters asked Gov. James Douglas today if he put a poll out about same-sex marriage. His answer was no. But he too has received thousands of messages on this issue, about half from outside of Vermont.

-Dan Barlow


One Response to Who’s spamming Vermont on gay marriage?

  1. Is it the publics right to examine the governor’s e-mail to count the for and against?