Why does Tom Arnold hate Vermont?

Because it is hot and there is no air conditioning at his bed and breakfast.

Via the Boston Herald:

“I was going nuts in Chester,” said Arnold, who filmed “Moonlight and Mistletoe,” a Hallmark Channel holiday flick with Barbara Niven and Candace Cameron Bure, in the southern Vermont burg last month. (The TV movie premieres Nov. 29.)

“It was 110 degrees out and I was staying at a bed and breakfast, and I had no air conditioning,” groused Arnold. “It was like ‘The Truman Show,’ in that everyone knew where I was staying.

“I got in my car after shooting when I had a break and my driver said, ‘Back to the Fullerton Inn?’ and I said, ‘No, we’re going to Boston.’ He said, ‘Do you know how far away that is?’ I said, ‘I have no idea. Just drive.’ ”

During the 150-mile, 2 -hour trip, the Hollywood guy worked the phones and landed a room at the Marriott Long Wharf.

-Dan Barlow

6 Responses to Why does Tom Arnold hate Vermont?

  1. Too bad. It would have cost him $99.00 for an air conditioner. He could have plugged it in where he was staying. We have a lot of stuff going on here. Lots of fun at that time of year. It’s a shame he didn’t hunker down with the locals and hit up some early season wedding parties!

  2. Vermont sucks. I don’t like living here. Its not pretty and the people think their shit don’t stink.

  3. HEY TOM i agree this state SUCKS BIG TIME…there is no work and if ya find it they don,t even pay ya enough to servive…most of the people in the ludlow area suck and are back stabbers….along with chester…stuffey stuck up cocksuckers litterley scince this is an insested state and perdomintley gay…. west vaginia is just as bad im not from there but i would much rather live there….so heres to all you vermonters YOU SUCK…AND SO DOES YOUR STATE !!!!!!!! AND SO DOES YOU MAPLE SYURP…..

  4. This last poster obviously has alot to say, but has no clue on how to spell…anything at all! Maybe you should go back to school before looking for that job in Vermont. I have lived in Vermont my whole life, and besides not having alot to do sometimes, I will take the lower crime rate and pollution anyday!
    As for Tom Arnold, He really was kind of a tool anyway. Always complaining about this or that…He should realize the Roseanne days are over and he is really only a B list actor at best anyway…

  5. you guys suck. why do you hate vermont? vermont is a frigging nacho. why hate cheesey chippy goodness??? mmmm liberals.

  6. Go Tom! You nailed it! Vermont sucks beyond belief! It can be ok if you have the time and means to leave often. It can be ok if you are a total loser and want to rely on the “system”(read:middle income) for all your needs.Yeah, come to vermont, you can have it! Land of smelly hippies,mega high taxes(for which we receive no benefits because all the $ goes to the dregs and losers1), Super low paychecks, zero sunshine & a cost of living that will be sure to keep you feeling like you are on the bottom of the world. I am so done with this hell hole!