Wonkette.com on those Vermont Clinton ads

Have you seen the Sen. Clinton for president ads running in Vermont now? Yeah, me neither. But that’s just because I don’t watch TV.

But I do read Wonkette.com, the political satire Web site. And today Wonkette reminds us of what the rest of the country thinks of Vermont.

Here’s what they had to say:

Hillary is finally starting to act like the humans and is competing in more than two states. This ad, for example, is running in the French Canadian province of Vermont. Big mistake — how can she possibly win over the state’s 90% black population?

Ha, ha. OK, back to work now.

-Dan Barlow

4 Responses to Wonkette.com on those Vermont Clinton ads

  1. GreeneyedstoneTexas Chick

    I think it’s crazy to hand power to a man born a muslim after the eight years we have been through. I’m voting ABO (anyone but….)

  2. 2 Reals for Obama

    Why was Hillary given a pass, when she used Senator Edwards’ closing remarks, at the end of the debate, last week in Texas? She throws stones and accuses others of plagiarizing, but she’s exempt, right??? This was NOT mentioned on any television news, talk radio or newspaper, at all.
    This is why she’s even in a position to run for president of our great country. If she was exposed for even half of her unscrupulous antics and downright bitterness, the public would know her for what she really is.
    Please explain. Thanking you, in advance, I remain.
    2 Reals for Obama

  3. I agree — Wonkette is pretty funny.

  4. Hillary 08.
    I hope Vermont votes for the best candidate with a proven record. PLEASE read over Obama’s legislations and his voting records. He attacks Clinton on her votes including the recent one against militia guard in Iran – but he, DID NOT vote. He is totally overrated.