Write-in candidate Annette Smith plans for recount

MONTPELIER – Write-in candidate Annette Smith said she now plans to request a recount, which was previously not an option.

When primary results were certified Tuesday, Progressive Party candidate Martha Abbott was officially declared the winner. Abbott defeated Smith 371-354, and Abbott ended her campaign as governor later that day.

Smith was not eligible for a recount, though, because the 17-vote difference wasn’t close enough. A 2 percent difference from the total amount of votes cast was required, which Smith missed by two votes.

The canvassing committee will meet at 4 p.m. at the secretary of state’s office, though, to recertify the results. State officials say the total will now be 371-370, with Smith losing by one vote but now eligible for a recount.

She plans to file the petition for a recount in Washington County Superior Court today after the results are recertified.

One Response to Write-in candidate Annette Smith plans for recount

  1. Like Annette my platform does not support centralized utilities damaging ridge lines, and I am on the ballot. I also do not support the f-35s but rather an altered Vermont relationship with federal support violent solutions on the grounds that our soldiers are committing suicide in greater numbers than dying on the battlefield, as well as 18 veteran killings themselves per say by way of describing an inappropriate US approach to foreign policy and inappropriate militarism as a means. We in Vermont, as a state of moral integrity, who was the first to denounce slavery, and today we must be the first to denounce violent means as any sort of remedy to energy needs.