“You lie!”

The Republican Governors Association lashed out at Senate President Peter Shumlin today for his comments to Entergy that "this is Vermont, not China."

According to the RGA, Shumlin should have called the country "The People's Republic of China." Seriously. Here's what they wrote:

Since he heads up a student travel company, one might think that Mr. Shumlin would know that “The Republic of China” is a common term for Taiwan, not the country of China, which is known as the “People’s Republic of China.”

But then again, we know that Pete doesn’t like to let facts get in the way of a good political point.  You may recall a similar lack of regard for facts when he told a reporter that Germany gets 30% of its energy from solar, turns out that he was more than a little off and they in fact get less than 1% of the energy from solar.

We can’t wait to hear what he comes up with next.

I know we are still early in the 2010 political campaign, but this may be the lamest attack ever.

– Dan Barlow

2 Responses to “You lie!”

  1. I am having flashbacks to 1999, and the way Gore was caricatured as an angry liar. I would like to think Vermonters in the main are smarter than the people who bought that idiocy.

  2. newzjunque

    I respect you Dan and you do a fine job reporting and you have good writing skills.
    That said, oh please, your comment re Shumlin lame. I look at the bigger picture and the man, who & what he is, represents and stands for, not the silly nitpicking nonsense.
    Varney aggresively went after Shumlin on FBN w/his condescending cliped brit accent w/the persona of prosecuter in a murder trial.
    Shumlin handled all this quite well as Varneys never-ending interruptons for a guest was extremely rude.
    The comment, it appears which was in error, seemed to be Germany’s goal of 25% solar. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4087852/lawmaker-on-closing-nuclear-plant/?playlist_id=87071