Types Of Poppies You Will Love Update 05/2022

types of poppies

 Poppies are a type of poppy plant that is used extensively for medicinal purposes. In the past, poppies have been grown to produce opium which is then converted into morphine or heroin. However, in most parts of the world these days, poppies are grown specifically to make pain-relieving drugs like codeine and oxycodone. Oriental Poppy […]

16 Types Of Lavender & How To Grow Them Indoors Update 05/2022

types of lavender

Lavender is a genus of flowering plants in the mint family Lamiaceae. It is widespread throughout the Mediterranean, Asia and parts of Africa. Lavandula species are widely cultivated for their beautiful flowers and perfume production, which play a role in some traditional medicines. There are over two hundred different types of lavender with many hybrids […]

11 Types Of Morning Glory That You Should Know Update 05/2022

types of morning glory

Morning glories are a genus in the family “Convolvulaceae.” There are about 150 species of this genus, and many hybrids as well. The flowers have five petals that form an open star shape when they bloom. Some people call them “Mexican morning glories” because these flowers were used by Aztecs for medicinal purposes as well […]